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Official 7/7 Heroic Kill Pic

Santy a posted 14 hours ago

Well we hit 7/7 heroic. Without flasking or potting either mind (Which has been great considering how much they cost!). We've had a high take-up of people who were initially interested in raiding sticking it out and getting in. The approach during the re-kill for fresh/coin kills over the weekend was to have a bit of a look at progress too. 

The initial tactics I had were from alpha/beta and entirely second hand as I never really had the time to get into the raid testing on beta. The raids were always under the proviso that if a kill looked possible we would take it, but that doesn't affect the main raids which is why tonight (Monday) is still Cenarius & Xavius heroic.

- - - - -

Philosophically as an approach towards WoW I've welcomed anyone in who has backed themselves to earn a spot. This has meant there's been around 60, probably even more, partaking in raids during the first week. However, with Mythic raiding opening soon the decisions on who to take only get tougher and the normal/heroic raids become more limited to the social runs at the weekends. 

If you've any concerns, queries, slight feelings of unease or anything that's causing this not to be as quite as enjoyable as you hoped have a chat with me. Every person is different in what they want from the game, but I hope at least even this far I've helped a few people feel at ease with decisions they've needed to make.  

2/7 Heroic

Santy a posted Thu at 9:48

So we're finally underway again after what feels like an eternity. 

Since its only heroic no one can be bothered with killvids or screenshots, save those for the juicy kills but we're now sat on 2/7 Heroic, aiming to further improve upon that tonight!

Your Class/Spec for Legion

Santy a posted Aug 16, 16

For all in the guild who want to raid with us in Legion please view this thread:

Just needs your current toon name, your 1st choice role & class/spec and 2nd choice role & class/spec. 

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